Breevy 3.15

Auto-replace frequently typed phrases


  • Lots of examples make it very easy to figure out
  • Plenty of configuration options
  • Can import shorthand dictionaries and auto-correct glossaries


  • None so far

Very good

As anybody who works with words knows, having to type the same word over and over can become a bit of a chore. There are some set phrases that you just know you'll have to use multiple times in one day. Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool that could detect these frequent repetitions and save you some effort?

Well, Breevy might just fit the bill. This lightweight tool has a basic but sweet interface that can be minimized to the taskbar - bear this in mind, because Breevy won't work otherwise. It is also easy to use, especially because Breevy gives you a variety of examples to show you exactly how it works.

To use Breevy, you pick a term you want to auto-replace. You chose an abbreviation, the replacement text (which can be as long or short as you want), specify if you want the program to replace the text as soon as it is typed, after you press a trigger key (which you can choose) or after a word ending character, such as an exclamation mark. You then describe the replacement so you can find it easily in the list, minimize Breevy and get writing.

Breevy's talents don't end there. The little program also allows you to create abbreviations that launch programs and websites, and has all the configuration options you'll need. One nice touch is that you can specify whether or not an abbreviation is case sensitive, or whether you want the case of the replacement text to be the same as the case of the abbreviation.

Regular writers, online and offline, will find Breevy very useful, even if they only use it for a handful of abbreviations. One piece of advice is to think carefully about your abbreviations, because you don't want to trigger Breevy's replacements accidentally!

Breevy is a great program that will make you more productive.

Now supports TextExpander snippets


  • Now supports TextExpander snippets


Breevy 3.15

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    An absolute MUST for teachers who assess writing, esp. teachers of English!.
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